SRS - Amateur Radio Union of Serbia
invites HAM’s all over the World to the

2014 YU DX Contest


To contact as many stations around the world, and prefixes starting with YT and YU as many as possible.

Date and Time

April 19/20.2014. (3rd full weekend of April).

Saturday21:00:00 UTC-Sunday04:59:59 UTC
Sunday09:00:00 UTC-Sunday16:59:59 UTC

It’s obligatory to make pause from 05:00:00 UTC to 08:59:59 UTC.

Mode, Bands and Call

Only CW, all bands 1.8 - 28 MHz, except WARC bands.

Any band can be used at any time.

Please avoid using DX band segments.

Cross band contacts are not permitted.

Use of DX spotting networks is permitted and encouraged.

Only one transmitted signal allowed at a time.

Using “CQ TEST YU” call is recommended.


(LOWER = 1.8, 3.5 and 7 MHz; UPPER = 14, 21 and 28 MHz)

(QRP = up to 5 W, LP = up to 100 W, HP = up to licensed power)

A station may appear in both LOWER and UPPER categories.

QRP stations need not sign "/QRP.


RST + serial number starting from 001 (after the break numbers continue).

QSO Points

One QSO with a station per band is scoring.

1 point for a QSO between stations from your own contry;

2 points for a QSO with your own continent;

4 points for a QSO with another continent.

Unique, Dupe, Not in log and Bad QSO count 0 points.


Sum of different YT and YU prefixes (0 to 9).

Multipliers are counted separately for each band.

Final Score

Total QSO points multiplied by the total number of multipliers.


YUDX is supported by:

  1. DXLOG
  2. N1MM
  3. TR4WIN
  4. Win-Test
  5. Use any of major logging software supporting WPX Contest. The contest organizer will recalculate the multipliers and points.

Electronic Logs

Time must be in UTC.

Single log for all bands.

Preferred format cabrillo (call.cbr).

It’s obligatory to appoint the category in witch the contestants participated.

Use your callsign as the file name and in the subject line of e-mail.
Send your log no later than 15 days after the contest to:

Paper Logs will not be accepted.

Listings, Awards and Plaques

YU and non-YU stations will be ranked and awarded separately.

Plaques will be given for the best participants in each category. Diplomas YUDX CONTEST will be given for the first 10 places in each category.

Violation of the rules of the contest or unsportsmanlike conduct will result in disqualification.